Hi! Welcome to GN Jewelry Designs

I was born with a strong artistic awareness and the hands of a creator. I grew up in Israel and my parents both had a strong influence on my artistic development. I met my husband, an American, while studying at Haifa University. After our wedding we settled in Upstate New York and began our life as a family. While raising our daughters, both of whom are artists in their own right, I began to experiment with many different artistic techniques, such as embroidery, wire work, metalsmithing, and fabric arts, combining materials like PMC Silver, Glass, LampWork beads and semi-precious gemstones, but my true passion is creating hand-woven wearable works of art using unique combinations of beads, crystals and gemstones.

In the mid-1980s, I studied Jewelry Design at a local community college, where I explored new materials and creative processes, and began to show my work at Fine Craft Festivals throughout Upstate New York and New England. We relocated to the Midwest in 2003 and I began participating in many of the Fine Art shows in the Chicago area. Recently, after much success in that part of the country, we decided to return to the northeast and be closer to our family.

I am a three-dimensional jewelry artist, constantly striving to express myself by creating works of art that reflect me and my view of the world. I am always seeking inspiration that guides me towards the creation of my art. Using nature and human perception as my stimulation, I visualize a concept, forming it into a work of art. Experimentation with new materials and techniques keeps me energized and enthusiastic. Each season brings new ideas that reinvigorate and evolve my artistic vision.

A woman's desire to feel elegant and individually express herself, through her selection of jewelry, is synonymous with her personal style. Each and every piece of GN Jewelry is one-of-a-kind, designed and created by me. Know with confidence that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Thank you.
Geula Naigles